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“Säärane mulks”/”Such a mulks”

“Säärane Mulks/Such A Mulks”
3+4+5+6 mai kell 20:00 teatris Cabaret Rhizome, Kaarli pst. 9, Tallinn
Tiim:  Rühm + Reactive Space
(Lilli Tölp, Kadri Noormets, Henri Hütt, Raido Mägi, Taavi Suisalu + Erik Alalooga, Andreas W, Hans- Gunter Lock)
võeti aeg ja ehitati kokku käivitav jõud

teisendati kehtivad esteetilised ja käepärased vormelid
läheneti manuaalselt, rakendati empaatiat
spontaanselt tekkisid mehaanikale juurde helid
loodul lubati isikliku eelistuse pinnalt areneda

moodustus grupp, aga alati oli keegi kuskil veel
kas siis elus või elluärkav
NB! Esietendus kutsetega, ülejäänud etendused 4 €, sooduspilet 3€!!!
performance: Säärane Mulks/ Such A Mulks
May 3+4+5+6  at 8 pm
@ Cabaret Rhizome
(Kaarli pst 9-19)
team: Group + Reactive Space

(Lilli Tölp, Kadri Noormets, Henri Hütt, Raido Mägi, Taavi Suisalu + Erik Alalooga, Andreas W, Hans- Gunter Lock)
they took some time and constructed an actuating force
valid aesthetic and convenient formulaic sentences got transformed, transmuted
they approached the task manually, utilized the empathy
next to mechanics the sounds came up spontaneously
they let the oeuvre develop as they themselves preferred
a group sprung up, but somehow there were always somebody more
already alive or quite the contrary, raised from the dead
NB! Premiere with invitations. Rest of the performances with tickets 4 eur, students 3 eur!!! 

NB! NB! NB! Official trailer –

Tiina Sööt & Dorothea Zeyringer in Raw Matters in Vienna.

Raw Matters – An Unpolished Dance and Performance Evening

Raw Matters is once again presenting an Unpolished Dance and
Performance Evening at the Schikaneder Kino in Vienna.

This is an evening to see new works in process or finished but still
unknown performances as well as to get together to share ideas, give
feedback and give and get inspiration. As usual there will be the
opportunity to mingle around our tables of culinary delights.

Diesmal mit dabei:
Jasmin Hoffer - I'm the only one
Tiina Sööt, Dorothea Zeyringer - 8 parts - under construction
Ursula B. Fink - Phosphor- der Kreis im Möglichkeitsraum
Katalin Lengyel - The Rockstar

Monday, 16. April 2012, 19:30 Uhr

Suggested Donation 7 Euros!

Schikaneder Kino
Margaretenstraße 24
1040 Wien

8 parts - under construction
Tiina Sööt and Dorothea Zeyringer

tiina: in this performance we study the idea of working, that is
untouched by desire for outcome.
dorothea: working itself. looking at the hand while moving.
tiina: we value the process of working, while the aim of working and
the result is not in focus.
dorothea: looking at my hand, looking at tiina, looking at the object.
tiina: the closeness between the worker and the work.
dorothea: we perform the instructions for building up a piece of
furniture in the language of
describing our movement.

Toetab Eesti Kultuurkapital!