“Analogia” by Erik Alalooga in festival Dimanche Rouge in Paris.

„Analogia – A Story of Survivor“

"Analogia - A Story of Survivor"

“Analogia – A Story of Survivor”

Ambition of „Analogia“ is to define an intersection of technology and biosemiotics in the performance art.

By the great biosemiotist Jesper Hoffmeyer human´s relationships with surrounding environment can be divided into to two main code systems – analog and digital. Roots of analog code goes back to depth of evolution. It controls our immediate physical reflexes and reactions which have ensured our surviving during millions of years. It has been saved into our brains through the endless loops of sustainable decisions. Digital code enables us to use abstract thinking, manipulations with meanings, sensing chronological continuity etc. This code system is quite new in timeline of evolution and base on ability of using a symbolic sign system. Hominides started to use it around the era when human as separate species was formated. Digital code has given us a language and culture, including a technology. But operating with technology is not a pure act of digital code. Especially when we are talking about mechanical technology. To turn a wheel, to pull a bar or to push a button, it needs a physical impulse without any meaning or interpretation. If you want to write „A“ to the screen of computer, you must press „A“ on your keyboard – this is digital act. But technology allows us also to cross these borders. Analog actions (body motions in space) can be translated into digital units  (computer language) with a help of sensors and different interfaces. And digitally programmed random signal generator allow to syncronize body motions according to changes of sound, light or any other sensitive parameter in space.

This is the playground of “Analogia”. In the performance i use DIY technological solutions since stone-age tools to contemporary electronic devices to explore possibilities of  body – technology communication. Can we avoid to attach meanings when our culture is built up to manipulations with interpretations? What sense makes exploring evolutional surviving mechanisms if definition of surviving has been changed completely? Are we still animals or not any more?

„Analogia – A Story of Survivor“

„Analogia – A Story of Survivor“

A performance took place in October 20,  in venue Le Generateur as a part of festival Dimanche Rouge /http://dimancherouge.org//

Preparation of performance and travel expenses were supported by Estonian Culture Endowment.

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